Blue Creek Farm serialized in Kansas newspapers

A serialization of our book, Blue Creek Farm, will be running in a syndicate that includes the Salina Journal and the Hutchinson News. According to our editor there, this covers about half the state: “I want to thank you for these great stories!!!! I know that the teachers, students and readers will love them!!!! In less than two weeks more than half of the state of Kansas will be reading your story. You should be PROUD!”

The first half of the story starts a week from Tuesday, January 19th. It will run in two parts – the first half will end in March, and the second half will run soon after.

A new book by Carroll Thomas!

Tom and I have begun a new book. In The Town on Rambling Creek, Matty and Tom had twins, Cornelia and Rachel. In the new book, tentatively called Bones of the Past, the twins are 12 years old and calling themselves C.J. and Ray. Lots of things are planned to happen – including a hunt for buried treasure, digging for dinosaur bones, and riding a new-fangled invention called a bicycle.