About the Authors

Who is Carroll Thomas?

Carroll Thomas is the pen name of two writers:         Carole Shmurak and Tom Ratliff. Carole is a former science teacher and professor of secondary education who also writes mystery novels. Tom is a social studies teacher, a Civil War buff and a writer of serialized fiction.


One thought on “About the Authors

  1. Dear Writers,
    I am a volunteer at Literacy Volunteers of Greater Hartford. The agency’s web site is lvgh.org. I work with a basic literacy program. My students are mostly American adults who have not learned to read at a satisfactory level.
    Several years ago I saw “Matty’s War” on a sale rack in Borders, Farmington. I purchased fifteen copies in hopes that I would use it in my class one day. This school year we read that book. It was a huge success with my students. They were both interested in the story and the history of our locale. We are about to read the final chapter and they are not happy to see it end. The reading and interest level are ideal for my students.
    I would love to be able to read “Ring Out Wild Bells” next year. I usually stay with the same group. They feel so good to have their own book to read. I was happy to provide it at $1.99 (what Borders charged), but cannot afford the prices at Amazon for 15 copies.
    I would appreciate anything you could do to help. Thanks for this book!

    Yours truly,
    Nancy Jacobs

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